eBay Cross-Border E-Commerce for Everyone

Many local Malaysian SMEs who are retailers, manufacturers and brand owners have embraced the e-commerce market growth by participating in it, selling on online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee and Lelong. However, the marketplaces mentioned above have one thing in common, they are not a global platform. That's where eBay comes in. With a presence in over 100 countries worldwide, eBay is the perfect marketplace for SME's who want to engage in cross-border trade. Malaysian SMEs can tap into eBay's lucrative global market which boasts 170 million active buyers worldwide who purchase products from over 1.1 billion listings in its marketplace. This retail export opportunity on eBay is accessible to Malaysian SMEs as eBay has improved its platform to enable sellers to participate.

As one of the pioneers in e-commerce along with Amazon, eBay is a reputable and trusted marketplace that can command a staggering 72 Billion USD worth of gross merchandise volume last year. It also netted a sales volumes of up to 12.7 billion USD last year just on mobile devices alone. Therefore, eBay is the perfect online marketplace for SME's to leverage as the company is always innovating and transforming shopping experience so that customers and sellers can sell and purchase with convenience and confidence. Here are some of eBay platforms features that set itself apart from other competitors:

eBay augmented reality shipping tool enables customers to find the right box to ship an item. By directing your mobile phone camera towards an item, customers can discern the box sizes suitable for the item.

The eBay Shopbot, a chatbot accessible through the Facebook messenger platform, assist sellers in interacting with shoppers instantly and can communicate via text, voice and even pictures!

eBay in partnership with Australian retailer, Myer launched the first virtual reality (VR) store which allows shoppers to browse retail products through a VR headset. Its eBay Sight Search technology enables users to select a product just by gazing at it for a few seconds!

According to data from eBay, the United States (USA), Australia and the United Kingdom (UK) are the top three export countries for Malaysian sellers. The USA ranks number one, with 55 percent of exports to the nation by Malaysian sellers in 2017. Malaysian SME's should take advantage of this opportunity to export to the abovementioned countries as the population over there have substantial purchasing power due to higher exchange rates and expenditure.

Additional eBay findings found that in 2017, the top 5 product categories for sellers exporting to the USA were consumer electronics, cell phones and accessories, home furnishing, auto-parts and sporting goods. Over the past few years, eBay has seen substantial demand from American consumers for products in home improvement, business, health and beauty, toys as well as the baby segment. Baby products had the most significant growth, with a 42% increase from 2016. Malaysia SME's have the opportunity to expand their global business footprint by targeting at the segments as mentioned earlier.

eBay's free and accessible platform empowers SME's to conduct their online business activities conveniently with ease. As eBay's authorised channel partner in Malaysia, Etailer Gateway can assist you in growing your business to greater heights and potentially have an international presence in e-commerce. Contact us today to find out how we can help you in selling cross-border via eBay.