We are your eCommerce enabler that provides retailers, manufacturers and brand owners with end-to-end eCommerce solutions to expand your business to Southeast Asia via online channels.

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Brand Commerce

Making your brand as their preferred brand of choice.

Consumer preferences are different especially when it comes to different countries. Consumers in Taiwan might have different thoughts and preferences when comparing to consumers in Malaysia. To introduce your product to overseas consumers it has to be properly planned and localized in order to cater to local consumer needs.

We make use of every touch point between your brand and your customers to ensure a smooth shopping experience. If you have an offline store, we will find out how the online channel can help direct traffic to the offline store. We combine all your offline and online channels to deliver a consistent brand experience to your customers anytime, anywhere.

E-Commerce Strategy Consultation

Product localisation and meeting customer requirements

Product Management

We manage the ongoing update of your products’ information including:

  • Localise product information to meet local consumer shopping preferences;
  • Product upload according to each channel’s requirements such as product images, description and others;
  • Arrange for new product launches and pre-order;
  • Updates of product pricing and inventory to align with any campaigns and promotion requirements.
Order & Settlement Management

We monitor all orders, shipments and settlements to ensure better customer experience and hassle-free operations process for clients.

  • Process all incoming orders within 24 hours;
  • Communicate and facilitate all payments, refunds and exchanges cases raised by customer;
  • On-going analysis and reporting on all online sales channel and delivery performance to ensure better customer shopping experience.
  • We reconcile all payments across different marketplaces to ensure a smooth accounting processes.
E-Commerce Strategy Consultation

Our team of experienced e-commerce experts will help guide your Southeast Asia Go-to Market strategy. Through working closely with clients by understanding our client’s business objective, we provide better solutions to fit expectations. Conducting in depth market research and competitor analysis to strengthen the overall marketing plan.

Provide suggestions on which e-commerce channel is best suited to sell our customer’s products to avoid wasting time and resources while staying focused on the objective.

Constantly plan and manage various promotions such as bundling, grouping, up-selling, and cross-selling to increase the business average order value (AOV).

We understand the importance of listing exposure, which is why we work closely with marketplaces to ensure your promotions and campaign are highlighted prominently on the website and social media channels.

Local Customer Service

Shop with confidence

Listening to consumer feedback, answering enquiries before, during and after a purchase.

Pre & post sales customer service including phone, email, online channel enquiries and hassle free local product returns services.

Phone & Email

Our customer service agents handle complex product related enquiries by working closely with our clients to make sure they are in the best position to fully represent your brand.

Social Media Channel Management

Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram are the channels where your customers are most active on. Our customer service agents nurture the brand-customer relationship by monitoring social media activity and live chats to offer effective solutions.

We understand that reliable customer service requires instantaneous response and our team ensures a swift reply with good knowledge of products and brands.

Let us take care of your customers.



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Let us handle operations for you

Pre-ship your goods in bulk and arrange for it to be stored at a specific destination and fulfil individual orders locally.

Our professional e-commerce warehouse management system provides:

  • Real time inventory management;
  • Multichannel integration (marketplaces);
  • Easy integration with retail ERPs
  • and more…

We can also arrange for bonded warehouses to serve as your regional distribution centre within Southeast Asia. Bulk goods will be shipped from the country of origin directly into the bonded warehouses. Then, the goods will be separated and shipped out to their specific destinations. This method will help to reduce your product cost by saving costs as goods are shipped in bulk to a warehouse, prior to the goods being shipped out individually.

Cross Border Delivery

Sell everywhere

We provide international door-to-door solutions for your time-sensitive goods.

Benefits we can offer:

  • Return Management
    Product return can be a complex and expensive process for cross border selling. We help you to manage local customer return and exchange in a very cost-effective manner that allows your customer to shop with confident while you can focus on expanding your business.
  • Real time full tracking system
    Our system is seamlessly integrated with our global logistic partners. Your shipments are delivered to your customers’ doorstep by local fulfilment experts with real time tracking system.
  • Single shipping label from origin country to customer door step Our integrated system allows you to print the shipping label directly from online and apply throughout the whole shipping journey. No more queue for parcel delivery.

Our coverage :

Digital Marketing

Acquisition - Conversion - Retention

We help customers manage digital marketing in order to drive more traffic. We utilize Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook Advertisement, Email Marketing, Video Marketing and many other methods

Google and Facebook Ads help businesses to have geographic and consumer behaviour targeting, it is extremely cost-effective and highly measurable.


Email Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Video Marketing

Local Import regulation Management

Sell across the region regardless of international payment methods, shipping times and language barriers.

No time of knowledge on dealing with different customs processes in each country? Language barriers? Let our customs specialist handle on your behalf. We will advise on documentation needed and fee required to shorten the processing time.

We handle customs processes including export declaration, duty payments and import processing. We also take care of changes in customs regulations. We take care of the details so you can focus on the big picture.

We offer an e-commerce business solution based on your needs.

How It Work

We translate, upload to and manage your products on multi-channel platforms.

We help plan & execute marketing campaigns on your behalf.

We manage your order and deliver it to your customer.

We ensure your customers always have a good shopping experience with us.

Why Us ?

Lower Operation Cost

Reduce in-house operation team costs, set up costs, training costs and other hidden costs.

Speedy Market Expansion

Save in crafting new business model and understand local culture and buying behaviour.

Low Risk

Provided with local consumer buying behaviour, market trend, competitors analysis and other information to reduce your investment risk when entering a new market.

Improve Your Customer Service & Returns

Customer Service and returns are very time consuming. We provide customer support and an efficient returns process. That means you get improved customer services and a better reverse logistics operation.

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